Much like biting your fingernails or on a coin, biting onto something can be a subtle stress reliever and is also seen as a bad habit. Placing a foreign object in your mouth can be quite unhygienic as objects are constantly exposed to many elements that can be harmful to your body if ingested. Just like coins getting passed around or dropped on the floor and your fingernails exposed to dirt and dust, this doesn’t mean that you should find something else to bite on, and it certainly won’t be your keys.

Biting on metal keys can destroy your teeth, the key itself, and it also makes you look downright odd. A person biting on a key is not something you’d perceive to be normal and it makes bad fingernail biting habits seem fine. Keys should not be anywhere near your mouth as it carries various amounts of germs and bacteria from days of staying in your pocket or cluttered around other keys. Not only does this increase the risk of you falling sick, but you’ll also damage your teeth. Constantly grinding your teeth on to metal can chip down the front of your teeth, or worse, break them. It can be quite costly to replace a tooth and quite embarrassing for you tell your dentist how you chipped your tooth in the first place.

Furthermore, you’re not only risking your health and damaging your teeth, but you’re also damaging your keys. Biting your keys damages the wards and grooves of the key which makes it essential for unlocking your door. Even if you bite the handle, your chances of getting a broken key stuck into the lock is quite high, which can cost you a lot from your regular visits to a key duplication service to get a new key. So do yourself better, save your teeth, health and your keys, and don’t bite them.