If you’re searching for a laid-back getaway spot which you can’t just feel free and escape from it all but actually be away from it all and still stay in the USA, Key West might be for you. There are a number of less expensive places to stay, but as with any favorite holiday spot lodging will be somewhat on the large side. Hotel rates are extremely seasonal but in April for example expect to pay between $100 and $150 per night for a wonderful location Florida vacation packages for couples.

There are a few options to get there, and is fast or convenient. Driving from Miami is really a good option, because the majority of the route is extremely scenic and quite unlike any place in the nation. It is about a 3.5 hour drive, and gasoline in the keys isn’t inexpensive, either.

When you get there you will likely either love the place or believe one visit is sufficient. It is probably not surprising that artists such as Hemingway and Tennessee Williams spent plenty of time there. There’s game fishing and lots of top-notch dining choices available, but it’s actually the atmosphere that sets it apart.

To begin with, I would not say Key West is the most kid-friendly of areas. That essentially means no kids. It’s a place that caters to adults who need some peace and quiet, and a relaxing place to hang out. If you would like to sunbathe sans clothes, then there’s that available. But they’re only in specified areas, so it that is not your cup of tea you won’t suddenly be amazed. If you’re vacationing with the kids, I would rather suggest Orlando to the north.

You’ll see some bed-and-breakfasts, but the comprehensive packages just like you’ll see in Mexico and other parts of Latin America have not hit here yet. But the best aspect of Key West is the seclusion from real life and the ability to hang out with other adults that are also trying to have a rest from your daily grind.