Ever been in a situation where you’re experimenting with trimming your beard into a different style but end up with a really bad looking beard at the end of the day? You try to find solutions that don’t involve shaving your beard off to day zero of growing out your beard again. Maybe you just have the ability to naturally grow a beard that doesn’t suit your face. If you could relate to these problems, there are ways you can fix a bad beard without needing to shave it all off.

First off, beards that have been accidentally styled in ways where it looks pretty uneven may require a shorter trim to even out the hairs. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to shave it all off, just have it trimmed a little more to promote beard growth. There are beard grooming products such as beard growing oils that stimulate the hair follicles in the beard with essential oils extracted from various plants and herbs known to improve growth circulation. One of the best beard growth oils can be found on Primitive Outpost along with other natural beard oils.

Other than that, tapering your beard helps in embracing mistakes. Giving a cool slow fade out can also let people notice that you’re a sophisticated looking guy that prefers to keep their beard modern and stylish. However, if your beard is still quite long, drop the trimmers and seek for a barber that’s great with fixing beards. Once you’ve figured out that you might not be ready to style your own beard, it’s okay to accept the help of others. And maybe, it could be a better choice to pay a little bit more instead of risking shaving off months of growing out your beard.