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  • Watching movies has provided any person thriving in this world enjoyment. Through movies, a person can enter a new world that is either full of action, drama, adventure, science-fiction or many more depending on the genre of the movie. Watching movies is like reading a book but there is no reading, the actors will read them for you with actions so you need to pay more attention through their body language and with their words. Some movies are inspired by books. Most movies in fact came from books because of the market, and it is more profitable than some movies that are not inspired by books.
  • It is convenient to watch movie in this modern era. In the past, you need to have complex movie playing sets, buy the movie on a store which needs time and effort. The technology for movies has improved in a way that it is accessible to anyone. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind this technology, anyone can enjoy watching a movie anytime, anywhere.

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