What character did you choose in playing the game Global Mu Origin? Did you choose the Magic Knight like the other people? Or maybe you liked being the master of melee combat and that is why you chose the Dark Knight? Or maybe you chose the elf because you don’t want to fight in close combat? Or what about the Dark Wizard? Did you choose the Dark Wizard? If you did, then you got the right character and you will surely win every battle that you are going to have. But, if you chose other characters instead of the Dark Wizard, then you better change your character to Dark Wizard if you don’t want to be killed in the game easily.

What should you know about the Dark Wizard? First of all, you should know that the Dark Wizard is a ranged caster. And if you talk about a character being a ranged caster, it just means that this character is capable of casting powerful spells on its enemies even when they are far away from each other. You just have to make sure that the enemy that you are targeting is within your radar.

If your character is a Dark Wizard, don’t trouble yourself looking for a group or a team because a lot of teams will be fighting just to convince you to join their group. The Dark Wizards are capable of using One-Handed Wands, Two-Handed Staves, and using shields. The skills and abilities of the Dark Wizard are the following: Energy Ball, Aqua Beam, Evil Spirit, Hellfire, Twister and lastly the Soul Barrier.

If you understand or already know the different skills and abilities of this character, you should download the game already in your mobile devices and experience the fun it brings.